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Josie Rinoldo


About Me

Artist Statement

Josie Rinoldo was first known with the series called La vigne de mon pere,

“My father’s backyard vine.” Her series of grapes lasted for seven years! It was inspired by the typical Montréal Italian backyard garden. Not a lot of space but filled with lots of organic fruits and vegetables. So many people appreciated and bought her paintings! Her sales were booming with only a couple of paintings left!

Her paintings in watercolour have evolved since she first started in 1993 with a Bachelor  degree in Fine Arts in 1979 and a Bachelor of Education in 1983 in which acrylic was her medium.


Once watercolour became her main medium she reverently took workshops with the most  prestigious American and Canadian artists at the time! She also later on did pastels and mixed  media.

She also started teaching in her studio and still teaches at Les Amis de Peinture for the City of  St Leonard and Kirkland Library in which she organized a student/teacher exhibition in 2011  with prizes and three jurors! Since the pandemic of 2020-21 she taught on Zoom! 

She also has put together two book/binders to teach watercolour. One binder is for beginners  with basic watercolour techniques and simple projects and the other for more advance  students since she has known some of them for 15 and others for 7 years! 

She also taught drawing with Right Side of the Brain for many years! She drew the live model  for 12 years that brought her to have an other series of paintings in mixed media with the live  model.

The group exhibitions with her associations were her way of getting to be know in Quebec and  Ontario. The very prestigious Association of Painters in Watercolour in Ontario gave her the  honour of being part of their watercolour archives of Canada called The Diploma Collection!

Consequently the Quebec prestigious “ Societe canadienne de l’aquarelle” accepted her as  signature member as well as the Lakeshore Artists Association in the West-island [she was honoured with by being on the jury for membership] ! At one time she was a signature member  the another prestigious association The Pastel Society of Eastern Canada in 2005 awarded her with first prize for her still life.

She was commissioned by a private individual to make a series of 6 miniature flowers  paintings in watercolour for the archives of the National Library in Quebec.  Also she was invited to do a watercolour demonstration in Nando City, Japan in 2008. At the Musee Vaudreuille-Soulange in 2000 won first prize for an exhibition called “Musee En  Arts”

Josie Rinoldo was honoured with 6 different watercolor and one pastel prizes won locally and  with different associations she was part of since1994 as well as being in different galleries.  Her website, Facebook and Instagram as well as internet exhibitions of the Lakeshore and SCA  Associations are her new venues to show her new paintings.

Discover her work!

The Figure

Resilient , 15x11”

Mixed Media

The Orchard

Fruits of the Loom , 22x15” 


The Abstract

Jazzing , 22x15”

Water media

Who I am

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